Uruguay Wagyu Beef

Located in South America, Uruguay is an ecological country in the heart of the Pampas, forming a continuity between Argentina and Brazil. Pastures cover 83% of the territory, while the woodlands are very small and the cultivated land does not exceed 7% of the area: Uruguay is primarily a country of cattle breeding. For decades, Uruguay has been considered one of the world's leading beef producing countries.

The humid and green plains of Uruguay, is one of the few places in the world where, historically, cattle has not been kept in stables or fed in feed-lots. Instead, all animals remain in open air, travelling long distances daily, feeding on grass and hay that permit a natural cattle breeding and fattening. Living in a fully natural environment, cattle breeding-grounds are a long way from industrial pollution, which insures an ecologically natural nourishment for the cattle. All this turns into healthier meat, and most importantly one of the best, if not the best, meats in the world.

As meat experts, we are sourcing and selecting the best beefs Certified Carne Angus del Uruguay from the best producers in order to provide our customers with products of impeccable quality. Thus, focusing on the traceability of our meats, De La Valley guaranties the best and authentic quality coming straight from the farm to your plate.