Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, 2018 Edition

As every year since a decade, Wine and Dine Festival , one of Hong Kong largest event, took place at the Central Harbourfront from October 25 to 28. The CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival brings together world-class food, drinks and entertainment right next to the stunning Victoria Harbour skyline. Aside from wine-pairing meals designed by master chefs and tasting classes by industry experts, there are well over 400 booths featuring everything from single malts to craft beer to keep your palate refreshed.

On this 10thWine & Dine Edition, De La Valley showcased for the first time its best selection of fine quality meats from South America. On the menu, Argentine Angus Beef and Uruguayan Wagyu (excusive in HK), especially grilled on spot by our team.

For these 4 days of pure happiness, we would like to thank everybody who stopped by and queued for hours to taste our beef. It has been amazing, and nothing would have been possible without you! 

Also a special thanks to our friend Chef Jacques Kagi, who supported us and took the time to share some of his cooking tips.

Again thank you all very much for all the love and support. It has been an immense pleasure to share these four days with you! And for those who have not been able to make it to the event, we will see you on our next event so stay tuned!

Hasta pronto!