First Beef Tasting Event at Mercato by Giando

The Tasting Experience, Argentinian Meat & Red Wine, 4th August 2018

De La Valley presented its first Argentine Beef Tasting Experience, on the 4th August, 2018 at our partner and friend beautiful venue, Mercato by Giando.  It has been a great pleasure and honor for us to be able to present our Prime Beef from Argentina to you.

Straight from the Argentinian Pampa, we chose to served our Grass-Fed Angus Cow Boy Steak from our premium beef selection. Only positive feedbacks and comments! Strong beefy favour, tender, juicy, and the list goes on. 

Apart from order online, you are welcome to get our premium beef at Mercato by Giando from now. Barbecue season is ready, make your order either online or at our new distribution corner. Thank  you!