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De La Valley Bundle Set V

  • ARDEV-0125FP Frozen Natural Grass-Fed Striploin Portioned +/- 250g x 2 pkt
  • ARDEV-0109FP Frozen Natural Grass-Fed Prime Rib Portion +/- 800g x 1 pkt
  • FRLDC-0555 Class A Yellow Spring Chicken 750/850 x 1 pack
  • FRBIG-0618P French Merguez Sausages (Pack of 6) x 2packs
  • FRBIG-0621P French Chipolatas Sausages with Indian Spices (Pack of 6) x 2packs

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>Argentine Angus

Located in South America and being one of the world’s largest beef exporters, Argentina is well known for its exceptional beef quality

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