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Image Wagyu Striploin M6/7 - Frozen

Uruguayan Wagyu

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De La Valley selected for you one of the most prized cuts, if not the most prized Wagyu cuts in the world: the Wagyu Striploin. Also called Kansas Strip or NY City Strip, our Wagyu Striploin is beautifully marbled cut, with the perfect amount of fat that will melt in your mouth like butter. Indeed, De La Valley Wagyu Striploin is a model of balance between flavor, juiciness, and tenderness.

Committed to the traceability of all our products, De La Valley guaranties that your meat comes directly from the farms gate to you door: frozen and vacuum packed.

Uruguayan Wagyu,Wagyu Striploin M6/7 - Frozen

Sliced from the Short Loin Primal, the Striploin starts off as a bone-in Striploin from which the Tenderloin has been removed. Actually, leaving the bone in the Striploin as well as the Tenderloin attached to it would produce T-bone and Porterhouse steaks. The Striploin is made of three muscles: the Longissimus Dorsi (also known as the Rib Eye muscle), the Mutlifidus Dorsi (top part of the steak), and the Gluteus Medius (only in the two last Strip Steaks).



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Cooking expert tips

In order to obtain the best cooking result of its Wagyu Striploin, De La Valley recommends to keep it simple and opt for a good old iron cast pan (a regular pan is also good):

Step 1: Take your steaks out of the fridge and let them rest 20-30 minutes before the desired cooking time

Step 2: Just before cooking, season your steaks with some sea salt and black pepper. Do it both sides.

Step 3: Make sure your pan is really hot and lay your steaks in it

Step 4: Depending your desired cook, adapt the cooking time. De La Valley recommends 3 to 4 minutes on each side for medium rare steaks.

Step 5: After cooking, let your steaks rest for approximately 5 minutes before serving. Then ENJOY!

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