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Argentina Beef

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Prime Ribs Steak (Bone-in Ribeye), one the most common and one of the best cut of steak, comes from at the top of the primal rib section that runs from the Striploin to the Blade area. Because it's taken from the muscles not heavily exerted, the meat is very tender and succulent. It's also a muscle where a good amount of intertramuscular fat (known as marbling) to deposit, so the P rime Ribs Steak is well-marbled throughout its meat. 

Argentina Beef,Frozen Grass Fed Prime Rib

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>Argentine Angus

Located in South America and being one of the world’s largest beef exporters, Argentina is well known for its exceptional beef quality

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Cooking expert tips

Best Way to Cook: 

1. Barbecue - Steaks (min. Thickness 21mm), cooking on a hot surface / grill to appropriate doneness

2. Pan-fry - Steaks (min. Thickness 21mm),