Fresh Italian White Truffle - Pre-order (HKD 400 deposit)Italy

Image Fresh Italian White Truffle - Pre-order (HKD 400 deposit)


  • 20 - 100+g
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Pre-order Only, HKD 400 deposit will be deducted upon final invoice.

For Inquiry, please call: 9440 7077.

Availablity & prices may vary on weekly basis. 


ORIGIN: Northern ITALY and Piedmont Region

TASTING NOTES: intense aroma reminiscent of garlic, honey, and spice, it is the most valuable and rare truffle species.


SEASON: available from September to January

STORAGE: gently wrap the fresh truffle in an absorbent paper, such as a paper towel. Place in a dry, sealed container of your refrigerator avoiding the coldest area.

HOW TO USE: wide use in the kitchen where it is used for the preparation of appetizers, main dishes egg or filled pasta, risotto, roast meat, game, eggs, and cheese.