About Organic Chickens in France

The De La Valley's Poultry is a breed of Chicken which was developed in northwestern France! Originary from Bretagne, their poultry are GMO free, organic and raised outdoor.

     The De La Valley's Poultry is a small chicken that stands on relatively short slate-blue legs. It has large single comb and wattles, and red earlobes. The Free Range France Chicken is an elegant bird with a very fine, stiff and light bone structure. For a long time, the bird has been used as a utility chicken for producing eggs and high quality meat.

Naturally feed with no GMO

“GMO” stands for Genetically Modified Organism, and refers to plants, animals or other organisms whose genetic material has been changed in ways that do not occur naturally. A “Non-GMO” claim on food suggests that all ingredients were derived from plants, animals, or other organisms whose genetic material has not been artificially  altered in a laboratory.

Free Range Organic Whole Chicken raised outside

Indoor Space - For French and European chickens, indoor space regulations go from 22 chickens per square meter (10 square feet) for conventionally-raised chickens to 10 to 11 chickens per square meter for organic chickens.

Outdoor Space - 4 square meters per bird for an organic chicken run .


As experts, we are carefully sourcing and selecting the best chickens from the best producers in order to provide our customers with products of impeccable quality. Thus, focusing on the traceability of our poultry, De La Valley guaranties the best and authentic quality coming straight from the farm to your plate.