De La Valley



Born from our desire to provide you with the best meat in the world, De La Valley is the result of 25 years of experience in the meat-trading sector. Indeed, founded by a team of meat experts, our brand is based on two simple principles: quality and traceability. Our mission being to offer you a selection of the very best in terms of natural meats, we ensure to source and select for you the finest cuts of meats from the best origins through a precise selection process. Thus, everyday we ensure to refine our offers by demanding the best from our producers and our partners because for us excellence is the only option.

Sharing the passion for excellence, our team is made up of international meat traders who have had the chance to travel the world and taste everything that is done in terms of high quality meats. They have thus developed a critical expertise of what the terms "premium quality" mean. In the perpetual search for the best in the world, our team of experts meets passionate breeders and discovers exceptional farms. Indeed, combining knowledge and passion, it is through a very meticulous selection process that De La Valley’s meat experts source and select the finest cuts of meat from the best producers in order to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the most exceptional meats in the world.


De La Valley offers to its consumers a unique experience of meat delivery through products and services of impeccable quality. Operating in refrigerated trucks, we ensure deliveries throughout Hong Kong by guarantying the respect of the cold chain and the freshness of our products up to your door. Because the quality and traceability of our meats are the fundamental principles of De La Valley, we assure you the best conditioning from the field to your fork.

Indeed, to ensure the exceptional quality of our meats, De La Valley’s products are vacuum packed at the origin before being shipped by refrigerated aircraft and then stored between 0°C and 2°C in our cold storage. 


With years of experience in the meat trading industry, De La Valley’s experts carefully source and select the finest cuts of meat from the best producers in order to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the most exceptional meats in the world. The first part of our selection is based on two criteria:

➢ The breeding conditions: the breeding conditions and the good treatment of the animals are essential selection factors. We only select producers respecting a process of 100% Natural breeding.

➢ The quality of the breed: because excellence is the only option, we select the best breeds certified from the best origins.

To ensure that these two criteria are met, we work closely with our producers and are on site at each stage of the selection and the production. We take care of the good conditions of breeding and the respect of the meat processing.

The second part of our selection is through cuts and pieces of meat. We carefully choose the most noble and refined cuts. Each piece of meat is tested and rated by our expert committee. For this evaluation, we take five criteria into consideration:

➢ The marbling: depending on the breed, each piece of meat needs to have a specific degree of marbling in order to obtain a certification;
 The texture: the meat texture needs to match its marbling level;
 The flavor: natural beefy flavor is what we are looking for;
 The juiciness: depending on the cooking of the meat, the juiciness is essential for evaluating the quality;
 The tenderness: because tenderness depends on the level of exercise the muscle, we evaluate it differently for each cut.

It is the balance between these five criteria that will lead to the final grade of the cut and therefore, its validation. 


Being the fundamentals of our brand, quality and traceability are the key words driving our activity. Indeed, through our selection process, we ensure that the quality of each of our products is in line with our requirements. Because for De La Valley excellence is the only option, we guarantee to provide you with the finest cuts of meat from the best origins. Each name and certification are controlled by the authorities in force in the country of origin.

Coming from certified 100% Natural farms, each of our products is vacuum packed at the origin and delivered directly to your door. There is no processing or alteration of the product in-between. In fact, we work closely with our producers to ensure the quality of packaging and compliance with production standards.

Thus, De La Valley guarantees the origins and the quality of its meats. Coming straight from the farm’s gate to your plate, all our meats are 100% Natural Certified