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Uruguay Wagyu

Originally from Japan, the Wagyu beef takes is name from the juxtaposition of the terms “GYU” meaning “beef”/“ox”, and “WA” meaning “from Japan”. Wagyu beef includes several breeds of Japanese beef, including the famous Kobe beef. The big difference between Wagyu Beef and Kobe beef is that it is grown exclusively in Kobe, hence its name. Raised primarily for its power and massiveness, Wagyu beef has been isolated from other races since feudal Japan because of mountainous terrain and constant wars. This isolation has ensured this breed an unparalleled genetic purity. The Wagyu oxen are medium-sized, nearly 600 kilograms, and have a massive silhouette and a strong neckline. Of course, Wagyu beef is now grown outside of Japan.

De La Valley selected its Wagyu from one of the most famous places in the world in terms of cattle breeding: Uruguay. Imported to Uruguay in 2005 from Japan, the Wagyu is raised in the greatest respect of rules of selection by the race within a natural environment. Indeed, most covered by humid and green plains, commonly know as Pampa, it is in this peaceful environment that De La Valley sourced and selected its beef 100% Wagyu Certified.

Characterized by its exceptional intramuscular marbling (the fat is distributed in the meat of the muscles and not around), De La Valley’s Wagyu Beef is recognized worldwide for its tenderness and its flavor of butter. In addition, the fat presents in our meat is recognized as low in cholesterol because it has essential fatty acids, and therefore less saturated fat than another beef. This quality of meat is due to several factors: supervised feeding, sake massages, beer as a drink and classical music so as not to be disturbed and stressed. Myth or reality? Who knows?

Actually we do! De La Valley Wagyu beef is raised and treated in the best conditions. All our animals remain in open air, travel long distances in the heart of the Pampa, and enjoy the South American sunshine. Our Wagyu beef is grass fed with a 90 days finishing with grains. Actually De La Valley pays close attention to the feeding and chooses the use only 100% natural grains and the fresh green pastures of the Pampa in order to grow the healthiest beef possible. Regarding the environment, we actually make it as peaceful as possible. The “NO STRESS” policy leads the daily operation. Animals must never be stressed and/or disturbed.